Published date: 14 December 2021

The CAA, New Zealand’s civil aviation safety regulator, reviewed the airport company’s study of the need for air traffic services at New Plymouth, and agreed that to ensure appropriate safety standards are met, the service should remain.

The aerodrome hosts a mix of commercial aviation including passenger flights, pilot training and recreational flights.

“The CAA’s role is to make sure airport operators are meeting the safety standards that support safe aviation and that they are managing the risks involved with operating a busy mixed-use airfield, such as New Plymouth Airport.

“Our teams undertook a robust assessment of the aeronautical study presented by New Plymouth Airport and our conclusion was wholly consistent with the study, which recommended air traffic services remain.”

In reviewing the airport company’s aeronautical study, the CAA consulted airline and flight companies, airport staff, air traffic control staff, and other New Plymouth airspace users.

Notes to the editor:

  • Please attribute to Mr Sean Rogers, Aeronautical Services Manager.
  • The CAA’s assessment of the New Plymouth Airport aeronautical study and the appropriate level of air traffic risk management was based on the current aerodrome operating environment and level of activity being observed as the aviation system recovers from the COVID pandemic.

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