Much of the funding for our safety activities comes from fees and levies on commercial operators and the travelling public. Most of the charges levied on airlines are earmarked to fund our security activities.

We routinely review the funding of our activities, to ensure we remain effective and efficient. These reviews are conducted with guidance from the New Zealand Treasury and Office of the Auditor-General, and in the normal course of events are undertaken every three years.

How are security levies calculated?

  Source of funding
Aviation Security Services Regulated aviation passenger security charges on airlines based on passenger numbers; and charges for additional aviation security activities that are outside the core function.

How are safety levies calculated?


Levy calculated on

Adventure aviation – flight operations
(Includes balloons and microlights. Excludes parachute deployment aircraft operations)

Hours flown and size of aircraft

Adventure aviation – launches or descents
(Tandem parachute, hang glider, paraglider)

Each launch or descent

Agricultural aviation

Amount of product applied


Amount of freight carried

Air and commercial transport operations
(Fewer than 20,000 passengers per annum)

Size of aircraft and hours flown

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