Director and Chief Executive – Graeme Harris

MBE, M Tech, FRAeS

Graeme HarrisGraeme has been the Chief Executive and Director of Civil Aviation since May 2012.

He has worked in a range of operational roles in different sectors and brings extensive leadership experience to his current role.

After starting his working life in the RNZAF, Graeme worked in power industry companies such as Powermark, Alstom and Transpower before returning to the state sector for a short time at the CAA prior to moving to the management team at Mount Cook Airline.

After returning to the CAA Graeme held several positions, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Assistant Director and Change Manager before being appointed as Chief Executive. He has a Master of Technology Management degree (Air Transport Management) from Swinburne University in Melbourne and is an alumni of the INSEAD Executive Leadership Programme.

Authority Leadership Team

Shelley Turner – Deputy Chief Executive Organisational Development and Support

Responsible for the executive management of CAA and Avsec support or enabling services and leadership of the following functions:

  • Finance
  • MIS (Management Information Services)
  • Property and procurement
  • HR services and transformation
  • Organisational planning and performance
  • Organisational development

Janine Hearn – Deputy Chief Executive Aviation Safety

Responsible for the executive management and regulatory activities of the following CAA units:

  • Helicopter and Agricultural Operations
  • Special Flight Operations and Recreational Aviation
  • Regulatory Investigation
  • Safety Investigation
  • Health and Safety
  • Personnel and Flight Training
  • Air Transport
  • Airworthiness

Dean Winter – Deputy Chief Executive Performance Monitoring and Assurance

Responsible for the executive management of the functions monitoring the performance and effectiveness of the Authority, the safety performance of the aviation sector and overseeing the following units:

  • Legal
  • Intelligence, Risk and Safety Analysis
  • Assurance and Risk

Mahanga Maru – Deputy Chief Executive Stakeholder and Sector Engagement

Responsible for executive management of the Authority’s:

  • communications, safety promotion/education and stakeholder engagement activities
  • handling of any complaints
  • processing of Official Information Act requests

John Kay – Deputy Chief Executive System and Practice Design

Responsible for the Authority’s policy development, regulatory strategy, and executive management of the following units or programmes of work:

  • International and Regulatory Strategy (which includes the Authority’s policy function)
  • Business Improvement
  • Regulatory Craft Programme
  • Safety Management Systems
  • New Southern Sky

Chris Ford – Deputy Chief Executive Aviation Security and Infrastructure

Responsible for the executive management and regulatory activities of the following units:

  • Security Regulatory Unit
  • Aeronautical Services (which regulates Air Traffic Services, Airports and manages New Zealand’s airspace)

Mark Wheeler – General Manager Aviation Security Service

Responsible for the executive management of the Aviation Security Service of the CAA, and for leading the delivery of robust and efficient security services at New Zealand’s six security designated airports.