Our vision and purpose

Everything we do is related towards the achievement of ‘a safe and secure aviation system - so people are safe, and feel safe when they fly’.

CAA Strategic framework and values 2021 [PDF 1 MB]

Our pathways to deliver

We have three pathways that lead us towards delivering our vision and purpose:

  • Leadership and influence
  • Active regulatory stewardship
  • Professional regulatory practice.

The building blocks that support us

Our building blocks support and enable this to happen. These include:

  • Our people
  • Our regulatory strategy (supported by a safety delivery strategy and AvSec's Horizon 2030)
  • Technology and information management
  • Resource stewardship
  • Communications and engagement
  • Strategic and business planning, reporting, quality and assurance.

Our values are the basis of all we do

An environment where our staff feel respected, safe, included and empowered to perform their roles is critical to our success. The foundation for achieving this is our values, which guide how we work and the behaviours we expect from each other.


Our values are:

- Collaboration – Me mahi tahi
We work together to achieve success.

- Transparency – Me mahi pono
We are open and honest communicators.

- Integrity – Me mahi tika
We do the right thing.

- Respect – Me manaaki
We treat all people with consideration and kindness.

- Professionalism – Kia tū rangatira ai
We act in a way that brings credit to ourselves and our organisation.

The Authority values were created in December 2020, led by a group of staff and union representatives called the Te Kākano Taskforce. The five values represent the standards of behaviour we expect within our work and daily interactions. They were created involving a staff-wide survey and weeks of consultation to ensure they best represented our people, and support our role as a modern-day aviation safety and security regulator.

Learn more about the meaning behind our values and the use of the Huia feather design in the video below.