CAA has produced a quick reference guide to help industry participants and staff easily identify where the sections you work with in the 1990 Act are now represented in the CA Act 2023 which takes effect on 5 April 2025.

Using the filter function in the spreadsheet linked below, you can find specific parts and sections of the 1990 Act and see where they link to the CA Act 2023. Click on the filter drop down and use the search function to refine the spreadsheet to show the sections you are looking for.

While some sections are the same in the CA Act 2023, others may have altered wording or other amendments, such as additional or removed requirements.

This spreadsheet does not show those changes, but it does help locate 1990 Act sections in the CA Act 2023 - almost all the 1990 Act has been rearranged.

Where a sub-section from the 1990 Act has no reference in the CA Act 2023 columns, it means this provision is no longer included in the Act.

Please note that Parts 8A, 9, 9A, 9B, and 10 are not included as these sections of the 1990 Act are administered by The Ministry of Transport. New provisions to the CA Act 2023, such as the new drug and alcohol requirements, are not shown in this spreadsheet.

This is a working document to help people quickly identify the information you need – it is not authoritative advice and if you see anything which you believe is incorrect or have a question, please let us know –

1990 – 2023 Civil Aviation Act comparison guide [XLSX 80 KB]