Published date: 14 December 2023

Summer is here, which means it’s the season of barbeques, parties, and events, and our Aviation Security Officers want you to know which well-intended gifts and items won’t make it through the security screening, so you don’t turn up empty handed at your in-laws house.

Domestic travel ramps up in December and we want to help ensure the security screening is as seamless as possible – so please read the list (and don’t forget to check it twice!) before you begin your travel journeys.


These are the number one item that cause issues for passengers at screening points. Batteries need to be packed in carry-on and each passenger is entitled to bring 20 batteries. Each spare battery needs to be individually protected either in retail packaging, a protective pouch, in an individual bag, or with tape over exposed terminals. Batteries are not allowed in checked baggage.

Electronic items

Gifting Air Pods or a power bank this Christmas? These items need to go in your carry-on luggage and not in your checked bag.

These items have lithium batteries which are classed as Dangerous Goods. While extremely rare there have been cases of lithium batteries exploding in cargo holds, which would be catastrophic and potentially fatal on a passenger aircraft.

Tools and power tools

Thinking of fixing up the beach house this summer? Put your power tools in your checked bag.

Please take steps to prevent the power tool from accidentally turning on. Use trigger locks or secure the on/off switch in the off position with tape.

Spare batteries, including those in moulded cases, must go in your carry-on bag. Batteries are prohibited from checked luggage.

Imitation weapons

Toy guns, toy swords – there are a lot of toys that look like weapons. All these need to go into your checked bag. If you put them in your carry-on there is a chance the item will need to be taken at the screening point. The same goes for gimmicky gifts that look like the “real deal” – we often see plastic grenades and fake guns that hold liquid or toiletries. Keep these in your checked bag.

Celebrating with a ‘bang’

At this time of year officers always see Christmas crackers, party poppers and fireworks in people’s luggage. Both are not allowed on an aircraft at all. Party poppers contain a form of explosives that creates the pop sound and ejects the streamers/confetti. Fireworks also contain an explosive. Best to leave both items at home.

Our advice to passengers is to check what can and can’t go on an aircraft, arrive at the airport with extra time to go through security screening and expect queues due to the large number of people flying, make screening easy for yourself by not wearing big boots or coats, and empty your pockets.

You can check out all the rules on over 90 popular items on our website.


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