Monitoring and inspection Manager: Steve Kern
  • Regulatory oversight of aviation participants
  • Monitoring new and emerging risks and conducting inspections to assess safety performance
  • Implementation of regulatory interventions
Licensing and Standards
  1. Medical
  2. Personnel and Flight Training
Manager: David Harrison

Medical certification

Personnel and flight training
  • Licensing of personnel
  • Medical certification
  • Setting flight standards for operations, pilot training, engineering standards and licensing
  • Conduct of flight tests as required by the Civil Aviation Rules
Investigation and Response Manager: Di Cooze
  • Investigation of accidents, incidents and occurrences
  • Analysis to improve ongoing safety of system
  • Ensuring the CAA responds to investigation findings appropriately
  • Development of safety and regulatory responses to address safety risks (either existing, new or emerging)
  1. Aircraft and products
  2. Organisations
Acting Manager Certification: David Harrison Email:

Aircraft and Product Certification Manager: Jason Ashworth Email:

Organisational Certification Manager: Adrian Duncan Email:

Aircraft Registration Email:
  • Organisation, aircraft and product certification; entry control into aviation system
  • Ensure new organisations, aircraft and products are rule compliant and safe
  • Registration of aircraft
  • Re-certification of aviation system participants
  • Processing and approving certificates and other changes
  • Processing and approving aircraft or product design change.