Published date: 21 December 2020

Dear Santa

Thanks for your application to the Civil Aviation Authority to renew your medical and airworthiness certificate for your aircraft, which we’ve listed as “flying sleigh/taxi plus reindeer’’.  Mr Claus, you’re in very good condition for 1,749 years and easily passed your medical certificate class 1. Even Dasher’s dodgy hoof seems to have come right.

The good news is instead of Rudolph lighting the way, we have new technology to offer you. It’s called ADS-B IN and ADS-B OUT which basically gives you really good awareness of any other aircraft. There’s information here on our website.

Our examiner came back from the inspection flight absolutely fizzing. The CAA has a strict confidentiality clause with you but when we asked how the flight went, he could only say three words ‘amazingly fast’ and ‘safe’. 

We figure you may have ensured his confidentiality in some manner - as while his mouth moved - nothing intelligible came out. As you can imagine everyone here wants to know what’s powering those reindeer and how you can fly at height and speed without oxygen. Whatever it is, it needs patenting fast.

Finally, as you enter Aotearoa’s airspace you and the reindeer will still need to keep your masks on – we are currently Covid-19 free in the community – but all aviation operators and passengers must stick to that rule. 

If we could ask for one Xmas wish it’s can you please, please, help our Aviation Security officers, NZDF, Police and security people keep our guests safely inside our isolation and quarantine hotels.

The majority of our guests, including all the children, are actually very well behaved and during Xmas they need all the Xmas spirit and happiness they can get. Our staff will still be working Xmas day and will be helping to make the guests' day special.

In return, we’d like to gift your reindeer several sacks of crunchy organic Ohakune carrots, and as requested, we have a reputable operator who would love to show you Hobbiton via powered parachute. Just don’t try to parachute down chimneys ok? As that would be operating way outside of your safety system.

On behalf of all Kiwi parents and kids, we look forward to seeing you overhead Santa and thanks for sharing your special Santa tracker link link).


The NORAD Santa Tracker website.


Safe and secure flying!

Civil Aviation Authority


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