Government advice on COVID-19 and CAA information about continuing to operate as an aviation participant.

Page last updated 31 October 2022

Government information

Unite against COVID-19

Visit link)     Government helpline 0800 779 997

Ministry of Transport information for transport operators(external link)

Ministry of Health information for the aviation sector(external link)

CAA information

For civil aviation enquiries, email

Removal of traffic light system

14 September 2022

The traffic light system has been removed effective midnight 12 September 2022.

There are some changes with the removal of the traffic light system and these are below:

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Revocations) Order 2022 (SL 2022/254)(external link)

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Masks) Order 2022 (SL 2022/255)(external link)

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border) Amendment Order (No 6) 2022 (SL 2022/ 256)(external link)

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Self-isolation Requirements) Amendment Order 2022 (SL 2022/257)(external link)

Changes to the Air Border Order, including removing vaccination, face mask wearing on arriving international flights, on-arrival testing requirements and updates about changes to the NZTD system for contact tracing purposes have been communicated directly to airlines by Ministry of Transport.

COVID-19 Reinfection advice – June 2022

The Ministry of Health has updated its guidance on reinfection following a review of evidence about immunity and the emergence of new variants in New Zealand.

COVID-19 Reinfection advice [PDF 145 KB]

COVID-19 Guidance for Medical Examiners and Participants

09 Mar 2022

Approach to medical certification and return to aviation duties, with self-assessment checklist.

COVID-19 Guidance for Medical Examiners and Participants [PDF 344 KB]

Stand-down period after COVID-19 vaccination

13 Dec 2021

Aviation duties should not be undertaken for a minimum of 48 hours after each dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. This is because side effects, which are generally mild, tend to be more prevalent on day two. This includes pilots, flight crew and flight attendants directly engaged in all forms of commercial and private aviation. It also includes air traffic controllers involved in controlling duties or aircraft maintenance personnel who are required to complete duties involving the ground running, ground taxi or operation of an aircraft.

Medical certification

If you are unable to see your Medical Examiner for medical certification, please contact your Medical Examiner for options available to you.

Alternative Method to the General Medical Examination

Flammable PPE products

04 Jun 2020

Flammable personal protection equipment products [PDF 22 KB]