Most aviation licence or certificate holders will automatically be subscribed to Vector magazine.

If you've stopped receiving Vector magazine, you may have moved and forgotten to update your details with us.

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If you don't have an aviation licence or certificate, and you'd like to pay for a subscription to Vector magazine, call 0800 GET RULES (0800 438 785).

Vector subscriptions for non-licensed aviation participants

We're keen to deliver safety messages to everyone flying, but some aviation participants aren't automatically subscribed to Vector.

You may be a holder of a pilot or parachutist certificate issued by an organisation certificated under Part 149, or a model aircraft flyer. This includes unmanned aircraft such as drones.

If you’re participating in aviation in one of these ways, we can offer you a free subscription to Vector. Complete the form (download link below) and email it to

24149-02 - Request for Vector subscription for non-licensed aviation participants [DOC 240 KB]

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