This issue has been highlighted by the Fixed-wing flight training strategy.

Plane above plainsThis page provides resources to support pilots to create the conditions for safer operational decision making. It’s about some basic steps to build a mental model of the aircraft’s location and environment, identifying and dealing with threats, and minimising the chances of errors.

Situational awareness guidance

This CAA guidance booklet provides an introduction on what it means to have an accurate understanding of ‘what is going on’ in the situation or system you are dealing with.

Situational awareness guidance [PDF 532 KB]

Threat and error management guidance

This CAA guidance booklet provides an introduction on the process of detecting and responding to threats and errors to prevent undesired aircraft states where safety is compromised.

Threat and error management awareness material [PDF 1.1 MB]

Wake turbulence - The invisible threat

Wake turbulence - The invisible threat

Vector Online: Lookout

Four of the country’s most experienced instructors talk about how to do a good lookout, one of the most important skills a VFR pilot can master.

Vector Online: Lookout

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Sunny Swift instructor comic strip

A series of short comic strips dealing with GA situations from an instructor’s perspective.

Sunny Swift: See and Avoid(external link)

FAA Aviation Safety Briefing – Managing Distractions

A short brief that highlights focus, risk reduction, and responding to abnormal conditions.

Managing Distractions(external link)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University video – Collision Avoidance Precautions

A short video on fundamentals of see and avoid.

Collision Avoidance Precautions - YouTube(external link)