This information is for those organisations who wish to report occurrences to the CAA by electronic means.

The requirements for Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) are laid out in Part 12 of the Civil Aviation Rules with additional information in Advisory Circular AC12-1.

Both the Rule and AC state that the detail for an Accident or Incident shall be sent to the CAA on form CA005; or by a means acceptable to the Authority. In AC12-1, paragraph 11.3 states:

“Organisations may wish to use an incident detail form designed to meet their own requirements or communication system. In such cases the format should, as far as possible, follow the general format of the CA005 detail form in order to facilitate data capture. Organisations must consult with the Authority when proposing an alternative system to ensure that it is acceptable to the Authority.”


Any organisation wishing to use this electronic occurrence reporting (EOR) specification as a means of compliance will need to:

  1. Notify the CAA of their intentions either directly or through an agent acting on their behalf;
  2. have it accepted in principle; and
  3. have the interface tested and accepted.

Interface specification

This is an interface specification and must not be interpreted as CAA Policy or as an interpretation of legislation. Any alternative reporting mechanism other than that prescribed in legislation MUST be approved and accepted by the Authority.

This specification does not address what data is stored in which fields nor does it attempt to define the data from an aviation perspective.

The specification consists of a series of XML schema that define the structure that the CAA web service accepts. These schema define the physical attributes of the fields, field names, data types, field lengths etc.

Schema will change from time to time as the Authority’s data management requirements change. These changes will be published on this site sufficiently ahead of their effective date to enable system users to make changes to their reporting systems.

Current schemas

EOR update history

Part 12 Interface - Using the CAA Occurrences Web Service - for Software Developers [PDF 270 KB]

Schema Guidance Effective
Attachment_1_0.xml [XML 35 KB]
Attachment_1_0.xsd [XSD 2 KB]
Attachment_1_0 [PDF 88 KB] 04 May 2010 31 Dec 2099
ClosedActions_1_0.xml [XML 2 KB]
ClosedActions_1_0.xsd [XSD 4 KB]
ClosedActions_1_0 [PDF 91 KB] 04 May 2010 31 Dec 2099
Occurrence_1_0.xsd [XSD 452 KB] Occurrence_1_0 [PDF 282 KB] 29 Mar 2011 31 Dec 2099
Occurrence_1_0.xml [XML 10 KB]   14 Oct 2010 31 Dec 2099
Descriptors_1_0.xls [XLS 163 KB]   29 Mar 2011 31 Dec 2099 [ZIP 458 KB]

How to register

To register to use electronic reporting send an email to with a request to register. Please ensure you provide a contact name and telephone number so that a member of the CAA data entry team can get back to you to assist you with the registration process.

Updates and further information

You can subscribe to an email notification service(external link) that will alert you when new Schemas are made available or existing ones are changed.

For further information, or any inquires about electronic reporting, contact: