All R22 and R44 pilots are required to undergo a CAA-approved Robinson safety awareness course, or Robinson factory safety course.

Key elements of the training include:

  • It’s carried out by CAA-certificated Part 119 and 141 organisations, or operators who have an approved Robinson safety course.
  • It’s delivered by suitably approved and qualified A or B-cat instructors.
  • A general aviation examiner with Robinson safety awareness privileges must approve the A and B-cat instructors delivering the awareness training.
  • The training is also required when new pilots are type-rated.
  • Ongoing training is required every 24 months.
  • The pre-solo dual requirements on the R22 and R44 are 20 hours.
  • This affects all commercial, air transport, private or recreational pilots, students, and instructors.

NTC 61.365 Notice of requirement – Robinson Safety Awareness Training [PDF 61 KB]