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The 2022 flight instructor seminars

The theme of the 2022 flight instructor seminars was "Time to reset: Standards now and for the future". Seminars were run in October 2022 in Christchurch, Masterton, and Hamilton.

Topics included:

  • The flight instructor and the ageing pilot
  • Teaching visual navigation
  • The standard overhead join
  • Effective lookout
  • Aircraft documents
  • Guidance for supervision
  • Emerging technologies
  • Aspeq flight examinations

Presentations available for download

Anticipating threats during training [PPTX 11 MB]

Landing accidents [PPTX 2.4 MB]

Teaching visual navigation (Part 1) [PPTX 2.4 MB]

Teaching visual navigation (Part 2) [PPTX 2 MB]

The ageing pilot [PPTX 12 MB]

Aspeq presentation on flight examination feedback [PPTX 14 MB]

Lookout, limitations, and an effective VFR scan [PPTX 4 MB]

Adding value to your instruction [PPTX 1.6 MB]

The line in the sand - slides [PDF 1.7 MB]

The line in the sand - slide notes [DOCX 26 KB]

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