This issue has been highlighted by the Fixed-wing flight training strategy.

Standard overhead joinObserving the rules, doing the right thing, and applying some basic tenets of airmanship around aerodromes will contribute to safer outcomes. Circuit etiquette is about acknowledging that the sky is a shared space.

Standard overhead join posters

These support the standard overhead join video.

Safety education posters

Vector Online: Lookout

Four of the country’s most experienced instructors talk about how to do a good lookout, one of the most important skills a VFR pilot can master.

Vector Online: Lookout

AOPA Air Safety Institute circuit videos

Short videos discussing practical airmanship to work towards a standard circuit and handling unexpected situations.

Takeoffs and landing: Base-to-final turn - YouTube(external link)

Takeoffs and landings: Stabilized approach - YouTube(external link)

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Sunny Swift instructor comic strip

A series of short comic strips dealing with GA situations from an instructor’s perspective

Sunny Swift: Picture the airfield traffic - Issue 15(external link)