This issue has been highlighted by the Fixed-wing flight training strategy.

Pre-flight planning is intended to put the pilot in the best position for a safe and successful flight.

Practical Flying Guide 1: Visual Navigation

A new guide that sets out to explain the “practical” airborne techniques and methodology of visual navigation.

Visual Navigation: Practical Flying Guide 1 [PDF 2.7 MB]

Weather for cross-country flight planning

Aeropath and MetService have joined forces to develop a one-stop platform called PreFlight to better support the needs of pilots throughout Aotearoa.

MetService: Introducing PreFlight(external link)

Meteorology for PPL Pilots

A book designed to help readers pass their PPL Meteorology examination and give them the necessary tools to be able to make sound weather-based decisions in relation to your flying activities.

MetService Meteorology for PPL Pilots, Edition 2 by Greg Reeve [2019](external link)

ATSB Avoidable Accidents No. 3: Managing partial power loss after take-off in single-engine aircraft

Avoidable Accidents No. 3: Managing partial power loss after takeoff in single-engine aircraft(external link)