Additional information about helicopter safety.

Part 135 air operations sector risk profile

The sector risk profile (SRP) approach provides an ideal methodology to work collaboratively to explore the safety risks of this sector and to implement new or enhanced ways to manage these risks.

This SRP includes those operators holding Part 135 certificates (helicopter and small aeroplane), and any other certificate holders, organisations, individuals or parties working with or providing services for such operations.

GAP booklet: Helicopter performanceGAP booklet: Helicopter performance [PDF 1.6 MB]

A significant number of New Zealand helicopter accidents are performance-related. Most of them occur during take-off or landing – the remainder are associated with external load or confined-area operations.

This GAP booklet examines the factors affecting performance and provides guidance for pilots.

Inspections & safe use of lifting equipment [PDF 6.3 MB]

A presentation on inspections and safe use of lifting equipment, updated in March 2022.

Heliski safety and risk management guidance [PDF 2.6 MB]

Covers the operational parameters of heliskiing, the aircraft operation and flying environment, and common hazards along with processes for mitigation.

GAP booklet: Winter flyingGAP booklet: Winter flying [PDF 2.2 MB]

Whether winter conditions are present because it is winter, or because you’re flying at higher altitude, you can encounter ‘winter flying’ at any time of the year in New Zealand. Whether flying fixed-wing or rotary VFR operations, your preparation may be all that stands between you and harm.

This GAP booklet provides a brief introduction, or maybe a refresher, on good safety practices for colder conditions.

R22 accident highlights risks of dark night flight, hazards of accidents in remote locations(external link)

A helicopter accident in Arnhem Land highlights the risks to VFR pilots of flying after last light, and the potentially fatal consequences of survivable accidents in remote locations, an ATSB investigation report details. (External link to Australian Transport Safety Bureau.)

Helicopter safety messages

Loose items can be fatal [PDF 1.5 MB]

Double-check your doors! [PDF 767 KB]

ATSB: Anticipate turbulence and slow down [PDF 250 KB]

Safety around helicopters DVD coverSafety around helicopters

This video, produced in 2006, is ideal for your passenger safety briefings because it is designed for everyone who works around helicopters, especially non-aviation passengers. The introduction has information for everyone, and there are separate modules on:

  • Industry;
  • Going bush;
  • Corporate and tourism;
  • The mountains;
  • Rescue on the land;
  • All at sea; and
  • Helicopter identification.

You can order your copy from Video New Zealand(external link) or watch online(external link).

Safety around helicopters poster

Safety around helicopters [PDF 821 KB]
A2 and A4 sizes
Revised October 2022