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Work Together, Stay Apart: A seminar for aerodrome users

21 February 2024

First locations and dates added for the aerodrome user seminars

Media release

09 February 2024

Aviation sector unites to enhance safety at unattended aerodromes

CAA launches Statement of Commitment

09 February 2024

Throughout the course of the campaign, we’ve been encouraged by a response that shows there are many in the sector clearly committed to increasing safety at unattended aerodromes. To acknowledge that commitment we established a statement of commitment for individuals and organisations across the general aviation sector to sign.

Statement of Commitment to Work Together, Stay Apart

Notice to all instructors and examiners

15 December 2023

With the current Work Together, Stay Apart campaign a top priority for the CAA and aviation community, it is expected that Biennial Flight Reviews (BFR’s) and other competency demonstrations will review and, where applicable, assess the topics identified under this campaign.

There is a wide range of guidance material available on the CAA website to assist with this, including safety initiatives, education and our safety education videos – assisting aviators to make better decisions and achieve safer outcomes.

Please play your part to assist us in ensuring a safe and secure aviation system.

Plane Talking seminars

20 September 2023

New locations added for Plane Talking seminars!

Resources and events

2 August 2023

3 posters added to the Resources page

Plane Talking 2023 seminar details added to the Events page

Media release

16 June 2023

CAA launches industry-wide safety campaign to address risks at unattended aerodromes

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