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What's in a name?

We've received a lot of feedback regarding the team/intervention name and intent of the industry briefing document [PDF 1.9 MB], which was sent out to the flight training industry in December 2020. We've taken this feedback seriously and have held a series of workshops to rename the team and intervention work as Safety Strategies. Our mission is to carefully analyse all available safety information and develop strategies to help improve safety performance. This is a partnership between industry and regulator and so we thank all of you who have provided feedback to date.

Update on our progress as of 19 April 2021

  • Inspectors from the Monitoring and Inspection Unit are visiting flight training organisations to discuss cross country training and instructor experience and supervision and how this is being managed within the organisations. The information gathered by the inspectors will be used in new guidance material for the sector.
  • High-level guidance has been produced for Threat and Error Management [PDF 1.1 MB] and Situational Awareness [PDF 532 KB]. The next phase will be looking to how this can be incorporated into practical application and instructional material.
  • The Flight Instructor Guide is currently undergoing review.
  • Planning work is underway for the flight instructors’ seminars, scheduled for August 2021.
  • The production of an educational video on the Standard Overhead Join is in development.
  • Thank you to the operators who have forwarded their internal investigation reports following submission of 005 forms. We've been using the material you're submitting to the CAA to capture your lessons learnt (of course unidentified) to incorporate within the development of guidance material for the sector. Please ensure that you are following up your 005s with the required investigation report including identified root cause, corrective and preventative actions. These follow up investigations are vital for us as it helps to build a picture of what is occurring within the sector and enables us to share lessons learnt across the wider industry. The information received from all these reports helps inform the safety strategy. The areas of focus within the strategy are based on the nature, severity and common themes within the occurrences, accident reports, discussions with flight training SMEs and flight examiner feedback and input.