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Vector articles on human factors

Winter 2020 (Page 10, Rotary visibility issues) [PDF 2.1 MB]
Spring 2019 (Page 20, Plane talking and situational awareness) [PDF 1.9 MB]
Autumn 2019 (Page 10, Go back three steps: Some suggestions on how to deal with interruption) [PDF 1.7 MB]
Summer 2018/19 (Page 16, How to build a great reporting culture) [PDF 1.1 MB]
July/August 2018 (Page 10, A cool bedroom, blackout curtains, and ear plugs: Some tips to minimise fatigue) [PDF 1.7 MB]
January/February 2018 (Page 7, Illusions in flight) [PDF 1.6 MB]
May/June 2017 (Page 3, Startle) [PDF 3.9 MB]
January/February 2011 (Page 4, Get-there-itis) [PDF 5.8 MB]
March/April 2010 (Page 22, The ageing pilot) [PDF 2.1 MB]
July/August 2009 (Page 15, Human Factors in aircraft maintenance) [PDF 1.9 MB]

Useful links

Skybrary human performance(external link)

Skybrary operator's guide to human factors in aviation (OGHFA)(external link)

IFALPA human performance publications(external link)

Related organisations

CASA human factors(external link)

FAA human factors research(external link)

ICAO human performance and human factors(external link)

ICAO safety(external link)

UKCAA human factors(external link)

Related associations and forums

Aerospace Human Factors Association(external link)

Australian Aviation Psychology Association(external link)

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)(external link)

European Association for Aviation Psychology(external link)

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand(external link)

International Ergonomics Association(external link)

Pacific and Australasian CRM Developers' and Facilitators' Forum(external link)

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