A General Direction is a notice we issue after consultation, which specifies requirements for applicants of a medical certificate.

Temporary medical conditions

This General Direction provides exceptions to the reporting requirements set out in section 27C of the Act for temporary medical conditions. It provides practical guidance on what temporary medical conditions are not necessary for medical certificate holders to report. These exceptions to reporting requirements only apply to participants who hold a current medical certificate. All other applicants must still disclose their medical conditions for the purposes of the medical examination referred to in section 27D (1) of the Act.

General Directions Exceptions for Temporary Medical Conditions [PDF 325 KB]

Colour vision deficiency

The General Direction on Colour Vision Deficiency sets the conditions for pilots who have a colour vision deficiency. It represents a shift in operational policy towards pilots with impaired colour vision, allowing these pilots to demonstrate competency through assessments and flight tests. This provides an opportunity to show they can operate an aircraft safely despite their vision deficiency.

It enables pilots with CVD to apply to undertake a new Operational Colour Vision Assessment (OCVA) and, if successful, remove restrictions on their Class 1 and Class 2 medical certificates. It may apply in certain circumstance to pilots with DL9 medical certificates.

Colour Vision Deficiency - General Directions Notice 2019 [PDF 8 MB]

Timetable for routine examinations

This notice provides general directions for the timing of examinations that an applicant for a class of medical certificate is required to have.

Timetable for Routine Examinations - General Directions Notice 2009 - effective 01 Mar 09 [PDF 2.8 MB]

Examination procedures

This notice provides the conduct of examinations, the reporting of their results, and to specify the requirements of examinations or other clinical matters.

Examination Procedures - General Directions Notice 2009 - effective 01 Mar 09 [PDF 4.9 MB]

PREDICT cardiovascular asssessment tool

This letter gives approval for use of the PREDICT tool, which enhances the abilities of medical examiners assessing cardiovascular risk.

Director's approval for use of the PREDICT cardiovascular assessment tool [PDF 454 KB]

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