Pericarditis may be caused by bacterial of viral infection, ischaemic heart disease, collagen disease, metabolic abnormality, medication, cancer etc.

Pericarditis may be recurrent and there is evidence that Colchicine can reduce the likelihood of relapse. This is sometimes prescribed.

Acute non-infective or non-viral pericarditis usually, but not always, follows a benign course and resolves within weeks. Full resolution usually allows a return to flying within months.

Information to be provided

  • A recent ECG;
  • Copy of all cardiologist consultation reports;
  • Copy of any discharge summary;
  • Copy of all investigations reports and images, to include echocardiogram and full tracing of any stress ECG or Holter monitoring;
  • Copy of GP notes for the past 6 months.


An applicant who has suffered an episode of pericarditis should be considered as having a condition that is of aeromedical unless:

  • The pericarditis was acute, non-infective and non-viral;
  • The pericarditis has occurred more than two years ago;
  • The ECG is normal;
  • The cardiac function, as demonstrated by subsequent cardiac imaging, is normal;
  • There is no history of arrhythmia;
  • The applicant has been free of relapse during that period.

In doubt the ME should consult with CAA.