Marfan’s syndrome is usually transmitted via an autosomal dominant gene with variable expression.

The condition may lead to progressive aortic and mitral valve regurgitation and aortic aneurysm. For those reasons the condition is of aeromedical significance and the ability to maintain a medical certificate is likely to be compromised in the long term, assuming that a certificate can be issued.

Information to be provided

On the first occasion that an applicant presents with Marfan syndrome:

  • A cardiologist report;
  • An echocardiogram report;
  • Copy of all previous specialists and investigations reports.

On subsequent occasions;

  • Copy of any Interim cardiologist report;
  • Investigations reports as recommended by the cardiologist or advised by CAA.


  • An applicant with Marfan syndrome should be considered as having a condition that is of aeromedical significance.