The term non-spontaneous or secondary pneumothorax is used to refer to a pneumothorax that is caused or contributed to by an underlying condition other than trauma, for instance asthma or bullous emphysema.

Information to be provided

  • Copies of any discharge summary and all specialist reports relating to the episode(s) of spontaneous pneumothorax;
  • Copy of all radiology reports;
  • Copy of any operation report, showing details of the procedure(s) performed;
  • Copy of the GP notes for the past two years, or longer if relevant;
  • A recent spirometry;
  • A respiratory physician report, on the first presentation following secondary pneumothorax;
  • The smoking status;
  • A high resolution chest CT may be requested.


  • A Class 1, 2 or 3 applicant with a history of non-traumatic, non-spontaneous (secondary) pneumothorax should be assessed as having a condition that is of aeromedical significance.