To obtain an aircraft maintenance engineer licence in New Zealand, you must pass 10 theory exams and have at least five years practical aviation engineering experience.

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The following table details the examination requirements for each category of licence.

The table identifies the Advisory Circular (AC) containing the syllabus and other relevant material for each subject (column 1), the code number for each subject (column 2) and subject name (column 3).

AMEL basic examination requirements

Aeroplane - Before you can get a pressurised aircraft type rating in groups 5 or 6, you have to get a pass in subject 5.

Powerplant - Before you get a powerplant rating, you need a pass in either subjects 4 or 6, and either subjects 7 or 8. All four subjects must be taken for all four rating specialities.

Electrical - Before you get a type rating in group 2, you need to pass subjects 12 and 13.

Instrument - Before you get a rating in group 2 or 3, you need a pass in subjects 12 and 14.

Radio - Before you get a rating in groups 2, 3, or 4, you need to pass subjects 12 and 15.

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