These organisations have been approved to provide type ratings under their CAA air operating certificate, or through being assessed by overseas providers.

Airlines or pilots wanting to get type ratings from organisations not listed below will need to pay for us to evaluate that organisation. That evaluation needs to take place before the type rating is carried out.

Fixed Wing


Type of aircraft

Airbus Industrie (Toulouse, France)

Airbus A320

ATC France (ATR Training Centre France)


Aviation Training Australasia Pty Ltd (Ansett Aviation Training)

Saab SF340, Metro III, DHC-8

Boeing Training and Flight Services

All Boeing types on the New Zealand register

CAE SimuFlite DFW East (Texas)

EMB 500

CAE NETC (4 Apollo Drive, Whippany, New Jersey, USA)

This is a satellite of the CAE facility based in Dallas Fort Worth


Dragonair (Hong Kong)

Airbus A320

Flight Options (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Cessna 510

Flight Safety International

ATR-72, Cessna 650, Cessna 525, Cessna CE680, Learjet 35, Beech 1900D, Gulfstream IV, DHC-8, Gulfstream 650

QANTAS Airways (Melbourne and Sydney)

Boeing 737-3/4/500, Boeing 737-6/7/8/900, Boeing 767

TRU Simulation + Training (Florida)

CE-525B, CJ3+



Type of aircraft

Agusta Westland Training Academy (Italy)

AW109E, AW109S, AW109SP, AW119, AW139, AW169

Airbus Helicopters (Donauworth, Germany)

EC 145 T2

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (USA)

NVG initial pilot training course 

Bell Helicopters Fort Worth (USA)

Bell 429, Bell 407, Bell 505

CAE New Jersey Morristown Training Center

Sikorsky S76B

CAE Simuflite (Dallas/Fort Worth)

Sikorsky S76A

Coptersafety Training centre Pyhtäänkorventie 11-13, 01530 Vantaa, Finland

H145 (EC145)

Flight Safety International (West Palm Beach, FL 33406, USA)

Bell 222, UH-60 Black Hawk

Flight Safety International (Singapore)

Sikorsky S76C+ and C++

MD Helicopters Phoenix (USA)

MD520, MD600, MD900

Metro Aviation Inc Shreveport (USA)

EC145, EC135

Robinson Helicopter Company Torrance (USA)

R22, R44 and R66

New Zealand


Type of aircraft

Air New Zealand (Part 141)

Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus A320, ATR 72, DHC-8

Airwork Flight Operations (Part 141)

Boeing 737-300

Recording aircraft type ratings

When you get a single pilot aircraft rating, your instructor will complete one of the forms below.

They will also enter the new rating in your pilot logbook.

CAA 24061/13 Single pilot certificated aeroplane competency demonstration record [PDF 367 KB]

CAA 24061/21 Demonstration of competency – Type Rating – Helicopter [PDF 342 KB]

Make sure the signed form is emailled to us or posted to PO Box 3555, Wellington 6140. It’s the evidence you’ve gained your type rating. It’ll be noted on your record in our database. 

If you ever upgrade your licence, or you get a new ‘prime rating’ (eg, instrument rating), fill out form CAA 24061/04 Application for amendment to a pilot licence [PDF 203 KB] and send to us. The new rating will be recorded (‘endorsed’) free of charge. (If you want type ratings added to your licence separately from an upgrade, there is a fee). See fees, charges and levies.