Primary Legislation: Civil Aviation Act s27B(1)
Secondary Legislation: CAR Part 67.51 - 67.55
Form: 24067-001 Application for Medical Certificate [PDF 432 KB]
To be completed by: The applicant

For the purpose of certification an 'Application for Medical Certificate' form must be completed. It is available here:

Application for Medical Certificate form [PDF 432 KB]

A non-refundable pre-payment must also be made to CAA prior to undergoing an examination. This can be made online at:

CAA online payment(external link)

The applicant is responsible for accurately completing the Application for Medical Certificate. This should include sufficiently detailed explanations of any positive answers in the space provided after Q12 or on a separate sheet if necessary. The comment 'as previously reported' is not sufficient.

The application is to be signed and dated in front of the Medical Examiner (ME) prior to the commencement of any examination, investigation, or assessment.

The ME must ensure that the pre-payment has occurred and that the form has been completed in full prior to proceeding further with the examination.

As the application includes a declaration, it is important that the ME does not complete any part of the form on behalf of the applicant or make any changes to the entries made by the applicant. Given that the Application for Medical Certificate is the responsibility of the applicant, the ME should sign only in the final section as a witness to the applicant signing the form. The ME should ensure that the consent on the last page of the application has not been altered by the applicant.

Key points

  • Applicant must pay CAA an application fee;
  • Applicant must fill in an application with no omissions;
  • Applicant must expand on all 'yes' answers in the space provided, or on a separate sheet as necessary;
  • Applicant must sign the application in front of the ME;
  • Medical Examiner must identify the applicant and witness the signature prior to any questioning or examination;
  • Medical Examiner must not write on the application form except for signing.