Nasal polyps are most often a consequence of chronic inflammation, whether allergic or infective. Polyps can often be seen at simple clinical examination. They have a typical whitish oedematous appearance, similar to a 'peeled grape'. They need to be suspected in someone with poor nasal function and a history of allergic rhinitis or recurrent sinus infections. Systemic steroids are sometime prescribed for nasal polyps. During that time flying should not be permitted. Air Traffic Control should not be permitted unless the Prednisone equivalent dose is 10 mg or less per day and there is no disturbing obstruction.

Information to be provided

  • An applicant with findings of nasal polyps should provide an ENT specialist report.


An applicant with nasal polyps should be considered as having a condition that is of aeromedical significance unless:

  • The condition has been successfully treated; and
  • If polypectomy +/- functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) has taken place, recovery is complete;
  • At least three weeks have lapsed since surgery