We will recognise your foreign AME licence, if it’s current and issued by an ICAO member state.

We will then issue a New Zealand aircraft maintenance engineer licence (AMEL) if:

  • we have confidence in, and understands, the issuing state's AMEL system. That includes meeting ICAO Annex 1 requirements
  • the issuing state verifies the authenticity and validity of your licence. CAA UK licence holders need to apply directly to the CAA UK, on its form SRG1160, giving your permission for it to release details to us
  • you have an address for service in New Zealand
  • you pass written and oral exams in air law, and in human factors. Other passes may be needed, depending on what you passed to get your foreign licence. For instance, CASA licence holders need to pass only the written exam in air law - see Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (TTMRA).

We don't recognise:

  • the FAA’s A & P certificate
  • other ICAO member state certificates based on the FAA’s A & P certificate
  • the EASA/JAA Category A licence
  • random exam credits that are not part of a licence.

Ratings are issued only for aircraft types on the New Zealand register.

Steps to have your foreign licence transferred

  1. Register for a MyAviation account(external link)
  2. Once registered, you'll receive an email with a link to complete your MyAviation account set up.
  3. Use your MyAviation(external link) account to complete the application Recognition of foreign AME licence.

As part of your application you'll need:

  • A completed fit and proper person questionnaire 24FPP [PDF 504 KB].
  • A certified copy of your licence (and copies of related experience logs and authorisations that you have).
  • Proof of payment - there’s a fee of three hours at the current standard hourly rate. See fees, levies, and charges. You'll need to pay this here before completing your application.
  • In general, and as a minimum, you will need to pass a written exam in air law (subject 20); and oral exam in air law (subject 21) and one in human factors (subject 17).
  • You may need to sit additional subjects - eg, compass compensation - depending on your foreign licence requirements
  • Australian (CASA) AMEL holders need only sit the written exam in air law (subject 20).
  • You’ll hear from Aspeq Limited if they need more information about your licence, and they’ll give you information about exam dates and venues.

Note: The process does not have to be done in this order. You can sit examinations before you register and apply for a New Zealand AMEL, but you must sit the examinations in New Zealand.

If for any reason you cannot register for a MyAviation account send us a message through the request for help page.

For guidance

Advisory circular AC66-1 details what you have to do to get an AMEL in New Zealand. This AC is an expansion of Part 66 and outlines the subjects needed to get a licence. The Part 66 series of advisory circulars has the syllabus information for these subjects.

We contract ASPEQ to assess foreign AMELs. For a fee, Aspeq will assess your AMEL before you apply to us for a New Zealand one. You don’t have to go through this process, but ASPEQ will advise you which of your ratings are recognised and which exam passes are needed. Contact ASPEQ for details.

Aspeq CAA exams(external link)

 Ask us about licensing

If you have any questions about this topic, use our contact form, or email licensing@caa.govt.nz.