Primary Legislation: Not applicable
Secondary Legislation: Not applicable
Form: Application for Review of Medical Certification Decision(external link)
Action by: Applicant and Medical Examiner conducting assessment

The holder of a medical certificate may apply in writing to the Director for a replacement certificate if the certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed or so damaged that the details on the certificate are no longer clearly legible.

In order to obtain a replacement certificate the holder must submit to the Director the appropriate application form with payment of the appropriate fee.

  • If the certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed the statutory declaration must be completed on the application form.
  • If the certificate has been damaged no statutory declaration is required but the damaged certificate must be enclosed with the application.

A form, CAA form 24067-407, is available here:

Application for replacement of Medical Certificate [PDF 186 KB]

Replacement certificates are issued only by CAA staff because of their access to any relevant information that may have come to light since the issue of the certificate.