Primary Legislation: Civil Aviation Act s27B(2)
Secondary Legislation: CAR Part 67.59 - 67.61
Form: Not applicable
Conducted by: The Medical Examiner with delegation to issue certificates

Obligation to issue a medical certificate

If an applicant meets the medical standards, having regard to any relevant General Direction(s), the applicant is eligible under 27B(1) for the issue of a Medical Certificate (with conditions, restrictions or endorsements as appropriate). This is unless the applicant has any characteristic that may interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges to which the medical certificate relates. The Medical Assessment Report must be completed accordingly, and an appropriate certificate issued.

Under s27B of the Act the Medical Certificate must be issued as soon as practicable but no later than 30 working days after completing or receiving the reports from the Medical Examiner (ME). If further reports are needed the time spent waiting for the reports does not form part of the 30 days’ time limitation.

Key points

  • The Medical Examiner must ensure compliance with any relevant GD;
  • The Medical Examiner must issue the certificate ASAP but no later than 30 working days after receiving the ME’s report (time spent waiting for the necessary information does not count);
  • The Medical Examiner must ensure that all required medical reports have not expired at the time of issue.